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Pasture-raised Tastes Better

We serve chicken from local farms that live on pasture 24/7 for the majority of their lives. Their diet is more diverse, which makes their meat juicy and flavorful.

Sandwich with fries and shake

Our Popup Menu

We’ve got chicken sandwiches (regular or spicy) in both dark and white meat. Plus fries, shakes, and portobello sandwiches.


Food Has Power

We want to change the way food is produced. We’re serving real food from real farms, in a new model designed for people, planet, and animals, not just for profit.

Our goal is to grow the number of farms that use climate-smart practices, such as regenerative agriculture, which work to build soil fertility and sequester carbon from the atmosphere.

Fiercely Local Ingredients

Here’s a list of everything that goes into our menu.

Sourced within 100 miles
Pasture-raised ChickensHungry Hollow Farm (Shelton, WA)
Riverbird Farm (Shelton, WA)
Bright Ide Acres (Orting, WA)
Oak Meadows Farm (Ferndale, WA)
Osprey Hill Farm (Acme, WA)
BunsFranz Bakery (Seattle, WA)
PotatoesCharlie’s Produce (WA)
MayonnaiseNW Gourmet Foods (Renton, WA)
RanchNW Gourmet Foods (Renton, WA)
HoneySnohomish Bee Company (Snohomish, WA)
Ice CreamDarigold (Chehalis, WA)
Cocoa PowderTheo Chocolate (Seattle, WA)
Sea SaltSaltworks (Woodinville, WA)
EggsWilcox Farms (Roy, WA)
CreamSmith Brothers (Kent, WA)
ButtermilkSmith Brothers (Kent, WA)
Honey HabaneroSpiceology (Spokane, WA)
Cinnamon SticksSpiceology (Spokane, WA)
CayenneS. A. Milligan Co. (Sumner, WA)
OreganoS. A. Milligan Co. (Sumner, WA)
GarlicS. A. Milligan Co. (Sumner, WA)
ChipotleS. A. Milligan Co. (Sumner, WA)
DillS. A. Milligan Co. (Sumner, WA)
ChivesS. A. Milligan Co. (Sumner, WA)
ParsleyS. A. Milligan Co. (Sumner, WA)
Black PepperS. A. Milligan Co. (Sumner, WA)
FlourCairnspring Mills (Burlington, WA)
MisoSymbiotic Cultures (Seattle, WA)
CucumbersCharlie’s Produce (Seattle, WA)
Sourced within 200 miles
KetchupPortlandia Foods (Portland, OR)
MustardPortlandia Foods (Portland, OR)
Sweet Hot MustardBeaverton Foods (Beaverton, OR)
CornstarchBob’s Red Mill (Milwaukie, OR)
Baking PowderBob’s Red Mill (Milwaukie, OR)
Greater than 200 miles away*
MintCharlie’s Produce (CA)
LemonsCharlie’s Produce (CA)
LettuceCharlie’s Produce (CA)
Portobello MushroomsCharlie’s Produce (CA)
StrawberriesCharlie’s Produce (CA)
BasilCharlie’s Produce (CA)
MatchaCharlie’s Produce (CA)
Cane SugarC&H (Crockett, CA)
Rice FlourGeneral Mills (CA)
Sriracha Huy Fong Foods (Irwindale, CA)
Sweet RelishGielow (Lexington, MI)
LimesCharlie’s Produce (Mexico)
TomatoesCharlie’s Produce (Mexico)
Canola OilSunora Foods (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
MatchaMacha DNA (Fujian, China)

* We’re working on a more local source for these items! Ideas? Please email our sourcing manager.

Note: Other ingredient suppliers may be substituted in the event of ingredient shortages. We will always prioritize local ingredients from regenerative sources.

A printable ingredient and allergen statement is available here (pdf).

Mt Joy chocolate shake

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