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Here’s a list of everything that goes into our menu.

Sourced within 100 miles

Pasture-raised ChickensHungry Hollow Farm (Shelton, WA)
 MTA Ranch
 Bright Ide Acres (Orting, WA)
 Oak Meadows Farm (Ferndale, WA)
 Osprey Hill Farm (Acme, WA)
EggsPasture-Raised Eggs
FlourCairnspring Mills (Burlington, WA)
BunsFranz Bakery (Seattle, WA)
MayonnaiseNW Gourmet Foods (Renton, WA)
RanchNW Gourmet Foods (Renton, WA)
HoneyJacobsen Co.
Ice CreamDarigold (Chehalis, WA)
Cocoa PowderTheo Chocolate (Seattle, WA)
Sea SaltSaltworks (Woodinville, WA)
CreamSmith Brothers (Kent, WA)
ButtermilkSmith Brothers (Kent, WA)
Honey HabaneroSpiceology (Spokane, WA)
Cinnamon SticksSpiceology (Spokane, WA)
CayenneS. A. Milligan Co. (Sumner, WA)
OreganoS. A. Milligan Co. (Sumner, WA)
GarlicS. A. Milligan Co. (Sumner, WA)
ChipotleS. A. Milligan Co. (Sumner, WA)
DillS. A. Milligan Co. (Sumner, WA)
ChivesS. A. Milligan Co. (Sumner, WA)
ParsleyS. A. Milligan Co. (Sumner, WA)
Black PepperS. A. Milligan Co. (Sumner, WA)
MisoSymbiotic Cultures (Seattle, WA)
CucumbersCharlie’s Produce (Seattle, WA)

Sourced within 200 miles

KetchupPortlandia Foods (Portland, OR)
MustardPortlandia Foods (Portland, OR)
Sweet Hot MustardBeaverton Foods (Beaverton, OR)
CornstarchBob’s Red Mill (Milwaukie, OR)
Baking PowderBob’s Red Mill (Milwaukie, OR)

Greater than 200 miles away*

MintCharlie’s Produce (CA)
LemonsCharlie’s Produce (CA)
LettuceCharlie’s Produce (CA)
Portobello MushroomsCharlie’s Produce (CA)
StrawberriesCharlie’s Produce (CA)
BasilCharlie’s Produce (CA)
Cane SugarC&H (Crockett, CA)
Rice FlourGeneral Mills (CA)
SrirachaHuy Fong Foods (Irwindale, CA)
Sweet RelishGielow (Lexington, MI)
LimesCharlie’s Produce (Mexico)
TomatoesCharlie’s Produce (Mexico)
Canola OilSunora Foods (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
PotatoesCharlie’s Produce (WA)
*** Please note that our dishes may contain gluten, dairy, eggs, and nuts. If you have allergies or dietary restrictions related to these ingredients, kindly inform our staff before ordering.
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100 years ago,
farmers farmed differently. They observed that by caring for their land, their land gave back to them.

This is regenerative agriculture at Mt. Joy.